HowIt All Started

Place: Tartus City – Syria
Time: In the 1960s
Location: Onboard of a Greek steamship

Hannouf the Father started out as a cook on a steamship. He used to prepare the traditional dishes of Foul and Falafel for the crew. To break the dreary routine of the daily meals, Hannouf thought of utilizing meat spices and adding them to the menu. The idea found its way to his heart, and he decided to go ahead with it. This is how his passion for Sujouk and Nakanek started, and hence, he traveled to Lebanon to pursue a career at a reputed butcher’s shop specialized in Sujouk and Nakanek.


In 1965, with his new métier, Hannouf the Father decided to return to the Syrian city of Tartus, his hometown.
He eventually managed to persuade his father of changing his career in selling Foul and Falafel, and he planted the seeds of love for Sujouk and Nakanek in his father’s heart. A new chapter in his life is marked here.

Only butcher’s shops used to sell Sujouk and Nakanek at the time. Hannouf the Father wanted to defy the situation and aspired to alter the common belief about Sujouk and Nakanek by preparing these delicious types of traditional food using clean meat. By so doing, the basics of this profession started to make sense to him. As a daily practice, he used to go early in the morning to the meat market to make sure he got the freshest meat chosen and cut by him. Then, he would return to his wife who used to give a helping hand in preparing the meat and adding the special spices to it.

After conducting many experiments, Hannouf the Father managed to prepare his magical blend of spices. He first tried it out with his family members and close friends, and they praised it profusely. Therefore, he never hesitated to introduce the creative blend of spices to his customers only to receive a welcoming feedback. Hence, it can be concluded that the basics of this profession has become crystal clear and completed for Hannouf the Father.

Commitmentto the Profession

Out of commitment and passion for his profession, Hannouf the Father was keen on keeping the legacy going Therefore, he wanted one of his sons to carry on with preparing the most delicious Sujouk and Nakanek for the community. He actually selected his son Mustafa who was eager to master the profession and to add his own special touch to it. Mustafa was a regular visitor to his father’s restaurant, and he learned the secrets of this profession directly from the teachings of his father.
The aspiration of making the profession of Sujouk and Nakanek recognized globally has never left Mustafa’s mind day and night. For a start, he made changes and enhancements to the old restaurant in Tartus. Later on, he decided to travel to Dubai, the dream city, in 2012. His efforts were rewarded with the opening of Hannouf Restaurant in Al-Barsha where Mustafa offers to his customers all the delicious recipes he learned from his father. Thanks to Mustafa’s dedication in his work, Hannouf Restaurant found its way to success and fame. Hence, the Sharjah branch was opened as a kind response to the restaurant’s most loyal customers’ desire.



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